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Design Matters

Design Matters!

I truly believe design matters, it always did and always will. When it comes to design there is no right or wrong approach, there are approaches that work and those that don’t. Unless design is presented in a visually immersive, meaningful and memorable way, there is a small chance of creating an enjoyable user experience for your visitors. Design should be simple yet engaging. It should tell a story, it should influence, it should inspire. It should enhance your audience. So if you want your website not only to look beautiful, but also to be functional and interactive, I am happy to help.


Digital Marketing at its Best

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing channel of distribution online. Utilizing its tools and possibilities can greatly increase a reach to your audience. From e-mail to video marketing, from social media to writing blog posts it’s really important to have a website optimized for all of it. Before I start with a design and then a development I help to create a digital marketing strategy to be deployed later in the process. I will be more than happy to help. (Please note: Digital Marketing service is only offered in addition to Web Design and Web Development services).


E-Commerce Platforms

You have a product or products to sell? That’s when you need a reliable, functional and effective e-commerce site that leads to purchases again and again. I design and craft e-commerce sites that sells any products beautifully yet effectively. With all the complexities that can be encountered when creating an e-commerce site, I take care of everything from setting up payments to functionalities that let you sell your products worldwide. Let your products be sold beautifully, let it be presented in the best possible way, let it be loved by your customers from all around the world.


UI/UX designer from London with a passion for visual storytelling & interactive design. Never thought of being a web designer, but life proved otherwise. Design credo - design what you love, love what you design. In his spare time loves playing tennis, learning all things web design and playing with his beloved cats - Timmy & Tessa.



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